Sunday, 15 February 2009

Tasks-Week 6

Week: Feb 16-22, 2009

Rounding Off- Closing


I. Write your reflections about the bblep09 session.

Go to Reflections on Bblep09. Think of:

  • your own learning process
  • the resources used to help you become familiar with Blog-based lessons and e-portfolios
  • the organization of the session
  • your tutors' work
  • your suggestions for this session
  • any other comment

II. Take a survey about the Bblep09 session.

To take the survey go to Survey Monkey.

III. Share a gift with e-peers and tutors.

As a farewell activity add a video (s), picture (s), websites, poems, whatever you want as a token to those who participated in this EVO session.

To post your gift, please send your e-mail to to be invited as an author to Bblep09 gifts

IV. Say your Farewell to Bblep09.

Go to Farewells to Bblep09 to say good-bye to your e-peers and tutors.


If you haven’t finished your blog-based lesson and e-portfolio you still have this week (6) to do so. Also we would like to remind you that the Yahoo group for this session will remain open for you to check resources, tasks and project samples.


If you have any technical problems you can write your doubts in our forum. You can also Skype tutors or contact them at

Fourth chat session

Tool: WIZiQ

Date: Saturday 22

Time: (We will announce it soon)

Agenda: Bblep09 online party

Please go to the World Clock to check exactly what time it will be in your country:

If you are not able to make it, we will post the recording of the session in our blog.


Make sure at the end of the week you have:

  1. Post your reflections
  2. Take the session survey
  3. Post a gift
  4. Say good-bye to e-peers & tutors
  5. Attend the Bblep09 party

Comments / Insights (Optional)

To write comments or insights about this first week go to: Weekly comments/Insights


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