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Tasks-Week 3

Week 3: Jan.26 - Feb.1, 2009



I. Read an article on blogging by Graham Stanley.

Before we start working on the design of our web-based lessons read the following article:

Blogging for ELT

II. Become familiar with the task-based approach.

A task-based lesson is the approach we suggest for the web-based lesson using blogs during this session. One of the reasons is that online lessons should be learner-centered. Also, it focus on meaningful, communicative real-life tasks in much more “natural” environments.

1. Read the following article on the Task- based approach.

2. Read the following article on 6 types of tasks by Jane Willis (1996). Here’s a chart summary for these tasks.

3. You have already thought of a topic for a potential blog-based lesson. Choose one type of task by Willis and describe briefly how you would use it for you lesson in My task- based lesson sample.

4. You read that a task-based lesson has got three clear stages: a pre-task, task and post-task. Have a look at the following videos where the stages are clearly shown:


Pre task


Post task

III. How to design a web-based lesson:

1. Have a look at the following image depicting the web-based design process.

We have covered each of these stages so far. The next step is to create an account in Blogger and finish our lesson plan.

2. Go to Blogger and create and account.

3. Update your profile (Watch video)

IV. Finish planning your lesson.

So far you have planned:

  • Topic you will like to develop in your lesson
  • Class type (Audience)
  • General objective
  • Specific objectives
  • Time

1. Now you will have to plan the rest of your lesson plan:

  • Assumed knowledge
  • Material/Preparation
  • Web site(s)
  • Procedure (Identify pre-tasks, tasks and pos-tasks)
  • Follow up

Here's a lesson plan sample you can follow to finish yours.

2. Upload your lesson to Files – Web-based lesson plan in our Yahoo Group for the session.

3. Choose one lesson from one of your e-peers and evaluate it in My e-peer’s web-lesson plan.


If you have any technical problems you can write your doubts in our forum. You can also Skype tutors or contact them at

Tutoring sessions

If you would like to clarify doubts about content, tasks or anything related to the session you can contact your tutors in Skype in the following office hours:

Skype Office hours (Venezuelan time / UTC/GMT -4:30 hours ):

Evelyn Izquierdo

ID: evelyn.izquierdo

Tuesdays: UTC/GMT 13:30-16:30 (Caracas: 9:am – 12:00)

Thursdays: UTC/GMT 19:00-21:00 (Caracas: 2:30 – 4:30pm)

Teadira Pérez:

ID: teadira

Tuesdays: UTC/GMT 19:00-19:30 (Caracas: 2:30 – 3:00pm)

Wednesday: UTC/GMT 12:00- 12:30 (Caracas: 7:30 – 8:00am)

Miguel Mendoza

ID: miguel_mendoza97

Mondays: UTC/GMT 18:00- 18:30 (Caracas: 1:00-1:30pm)

Fridays: UTC/GMT 18:00- 18:30 (Caracas: 1:00-1:30pm)

Third chat session

Tool: WIZiQ

Date: 03 / 02 / 2009

Time: GMT 17.30 (1:00pm Caracas, Venezuela)

Duration: 45 minutes

Agenda: To discuss blogging, task-based approach, web-based lesson design.

Please go to the World Clock to check exactly what time it will be in your country:

If you are not able to make it, we will post thweb-e script of the session in our blog.


Make sure at the end of the week you have:

  1. Read article on blogging
  2. Read articles related to the task based approach
  3. Write a post in My task- based lesson sample
  4. Watch videos on the three stages for a task-based approach
  5. Check image on web-based lesson design process
  6. Upload your lesson to Files – Web-based lesson plan
  7. Create account in blogger and add bio to profile.
  8. Evaluate a web-based lesson

Comments / Insights (Optional)

To write comments or insights about this first week go to: Weekly comments/Insights


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